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Date: January 26, 2009 9:28:54 AM MST
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Subject: statistics

It really is possible to show a statistical relationship between two
random concepts. :>)

The article my husband just sent me is this:

Breakfast link to unwanted pregnancies, Japanese research

The Daily Telegraph
December 29, 2008 12:00am
"TEENS who skip breakfast tend to have sex at an earlier age than
those who start the day with a proper meal, a government-backed
Japanese medical researcher said.

"The link between breakfast and sex probably lies in the teens'
family life, Kunio Kitamura, executive director of the Japan Family
Planning Association, who conducted the survey, told Reuters news

"The survey examined sexual experiences as well as family
relationships and lifestyle habits of Japanese females and males aged
16 to 49. It was carried out in September and was based on about
1,500 people.

"The average age of first-time sex for those who said they ate
breakfast every day as a middle school student was 19.4, while for
those who skipped breakfast, the average age was 17.5. ..."

and it continues and one of the best parts is this:

"People who said they disliked their mother had sex for the first
time at the average age of 16, while the average age for those who
appreciated their mother was 19, Kitamura said."

So it's partly a statistical lark (and the site has it under
"entertainment," but I think it does say something about parenting
that's important to unschoolers!

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