Sandra Dodd

I have two recommendations for anyone who wants a little project
today. There's a good question on food here:

The topic is "Can ALL children eat per their body's needs?" and one
quote from the body is "I do understand that the radical unschooling
approach to food lets them choose what they want. It's not meant to
"work" in the sense of them choosing to eat what I'd choose for them."

She could use input, and I'd like to see it all in one place!

The other request is for an analogy for a list of 100 (my fantasy
goal) for why unschooling might not work. I was hoping for analogies
from all kinds of activities and hobbies and jobs. What I was
thinking this morning while I was getting up was to have a list of
things explaining why something might not work, in short phrases, for
a matching list. Like
Unschooling might not work because you haven't stopped teaching.
Swimming might not work because you're still standing in the shallows.
The car might not move because you still have your foot on the clutch.

If you have a mind to contribute any of those, please leave them here
and I'll gather them up. Thanks!


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