Robin Bentley

Ha, from one of my favourite designers on Project Runway, no less! I
remember seeing an episode from her home. It was totally kid-friendly
with things hanging from the ceiling to swing on and she seemed
completely comfortable with lots of noise and action from her boys.
Her take on the food thing doesn't surprise me at all.

Robin B.

On Jan 5, 2009, at 10:51 AM, Laureen wrote:

> Thought this was an interesting thing to see "out there"

Jenny C

That was a cool article! What always amuses me about articles like
that, are the comments. Wow! I mean, I know such people exist, we live
in the same neighborhood with a few food controllers, but I guess in my
own little reality, I really believed that it was more uncommon than
common. I guess it depends on where one lives and the general economics
of the area and what kind of stores the area supports.

There are a lot of "healthy, organic is better than anything else"
eaters in our area of the Pacific NW, after all it is home to many from
the hippy era, my parents included, even though they live in NM now!

It's the big scare stuff that bothers me more than anything when it
comes to anything food related. Making any food big and scary just
seems more harmful than the eating of those foods.