Hi all. I am planning athe annual homeschool/unschool valentine
exchange again this year. This will be the 5th year and It grew so
large last year that I had my hands full
trying to get the list organized, so we haave earlier deadlines!
Please note the email address to send your info nopt just
relply to this post!

Here is how it works:

You submit your name, childrens names and ages, email address, and
snail mail address to me.

I place all the names on lists of about 20 to 25 families per list .

You will be emailed only one list with your family on and these are
the folks you will exchange with. There will be several lists, so a
friend or aquaintance may not be on your list,,please don't be
alarmed..they will be on another.

Then you eihter make or have the children sign store bought cards
for each child on your list(sometimes there will be more than one
child in a family and I sugest that you do a card for each and olace
in a large envelope the small cards and envelopes addressed to each
child then mail the large envvelope..this helps with postage..and
eeach child stiil feels special.

Along with the card, please include some info,even if it is a small
amount about the place where you live, this way each child will get
a mini geography lesson as well!Info like size of
town,city....climate, whether you live in country or city, what your
family does for a living, creative if you want. But
remember, some families can't complete a large amonount of writtne
things and some can...

Sometimes parents get mapps and place a star where the cards come can easily print one fromthe internet and the kids couyld
even color it!

If you are interested, please email this info to
homeschoolexchange@... by January 15th so that I can compile
the list and email yours to you..hopefull by the 31st of Jan.