<<While I see what you're trying to do, the list makes people focus too much
on the environment as though if you just supply enough, you'll create an
educated child. At least that was my focus when I first heard about
unschooling and it made it harder for me to really get unschooling.>>

Yes, Yes, Yes. As soon as I read the topic I thought to myself, 'It's life,
why create an 'unschooling strewing curriculum list' for it. Our home has
been built of things / stuff we see and are interested in as we go about our
life. I could have spent a lot of money strewing 'the list' but instead I've
spent the money on Tails passions as they come up. I envision every
unschooling home looking quite different because each family's passions are
different. For me, the importance has been Tails discovering the world and
not sitting in the house checking off the 'USCL'.

I DO believe in having a home that is rich in environment but not in the
check off sense. I can totally see the old me, taking that 'USCL' and
purchasing everything on it in hopes of 'making' unschooling happen. To me,
unschooling is life so it just happens for our family as we're tumbling down
the road. I can see a person getting sidetracked with unschooling by
focusing on the 'USCL'. I can see them saying things like, "but I had
everything on the 'USCL' and my child wants nothing to do with any of it".
To me, a home should be filled with the family's passions. It should morph
and move as the years go by. If I were to create a list - WOW, I can't
imagine how long it would truly be - I'm thinking it would stretch around
the world over and over. I'm thinking that Tails would rather travel that
world discovering it for herself. No 'USCL' is needed for us; however, I
can see how it would help someone new to unschooling begin to 'see' a
snapshot of an unschooling home.

~Crystal in Albuquerque~

Sandra Dodd

can see how it would help someone new to unschooling begin to 'see' a
snapshot of an unschooling home.-=-

Or a portrait of an ideal unschooling home.

We have things my kids have **loved**--still love. Some were on the
lists that have come by. But not all kids would love them. It's
worth remembering, though, that some moms were never around
"educational materials" or any recent art supplies, and didn't dabble
in many hobbies before she had kids, and might not have a lot of
ideas. I think lists are great for idea-getting, if they're used as
inspirations and jumping off places, but not as shopping lists or

Earlier this month I put a list of lists here:

In case that link cuts off, go to

December 2, 2008, and while you're in there click a half a dozen of
those links and you'll probably forget all about your need for a list
of things.


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