Sandra Dodd

10. Be sensitive to your child's interest level. Don't push
activities that your child isn't interested in pursuing. Don't let
YOUR interests dictate your child's opportunities. If your child
wants a pet, be realistic and don't demand promises that the child
will take sole care for it. Plant to care for it yourself when the
interest wanes. Do it cheerfully. Model the joy of caring for
animals. Model kindness and helpfulness. Help a child by organizing
their toys so they are easy to care for. Plan to care for them
yourself much of the time, but invite your child's help in ways that
are appealing. If YOU act like you hate organizing and cleaning, why
would your child want to do it? Always openly enjoy the results of
caring for your possessions�take note of the extra space to play in,
the ease of finding things you want, how nice it is to reach into a
cupboard and find clean dishes. Enjoy housework together and don't
make it a battle.

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