diana jenner

> -=-Then you better not tell her the days of the week, the months of
> the year or the names of the planets or constellations. <g> Don't
> tell her the names of flowers like narcissus, dianthus or achillea. -=-
> There's a difference, though, between ancient history and the fabric
> of culture and language, and recently-reconstituted "ancient"
> religions. Christianity is certainly not additive free nor
> homogenous. It might not be worth exploring with every three year
> old, but it's nothing to hide from, either!

I had a friend, when our kids were young, who told me she never, ever wanted
to expose her children to paganism... I began ticking off all of the Xmas
traditions that were originally Pagan celebrations (evergreen trees,
popcorn/cranberry garlands, lights, mistletoe) -- even the DATE of Xmas is
near to Solstice so to include the Pagans :)
She told me to shut up -- ignorance was more comfortable than knowing the
truth about Paganism in her life. She didn't want me to touch Easter (the
word itself -- a variation of a pagan goddess [*Eostra* (Ostara)] and her
bird-turned-bunnie who laid the Spring Colors in her eggs & from whose name
we get estrogen).
When you look at things like this *without fear* those things can be
explained easily, as they've all taken new meaning as they've been
incorporated into modern-day Christianity.
I would be heartbreaking for a kid to grow up hearing from their parents
that Paganism is evil and dirty and then find out how deeply paganism is
rooted in our everyday traditions and vocabulary. I don't want to be a liar
nor a hypocrite in my children's eyes.
~diana :)

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