<<And when a teenaged boy will sit right next to (or in the lap of <g>) his
mom or dad in front of other people, that is NOT the same as typical
school-kid behavior.>>

I had an interesting experience the other day that made me realize how
different my family is than many mainstream families - We're all cuddly and
gooey with each other - it's our normal.

We were at one of Sorscha's (now going by Tails) chosen classes and I was
standing with my booty against a work table next to a group of traditional
parenting homeschool moms. Tails walked over and hug-fell into my arms. I
wrapped my arms around her and kissed her beautiful stinky hair (I'm gonna
miss when she washes it more thoroughly - it's a smell that is uniquely my
daughter). Tails is the height of Beth Fuller now so I've only got a year
or so where she's small enough for this type of hug, so I closed my eyes and
took in the moment. When I opened my eyes (still in our hugging embrace) I
saw a mom looking at us. Her expression was full of what I thought was
longing and I had this feeling she was saying to herself, "I wish I had

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong with my thoughts but the moment was one that I
won't forget. It reminded me that our Radical Unschooling lifestyle can
still literally take my breath away.

~Crystal in NM~