Meryl Ranzer

I am new to the group, and I have been reading these posts with
My DS is turning 2 in December.
I would like to comment on the following:

-=-No amount of love, attachment or holding solved it. -=-

*Unschooling isn't about colic. A mother of a colicky firstborn
doesn't know whether she's going to put that child in school. But
one way or the other, if love, attachment and holding don't "solve
it," do they make it better? Do they help create a relationship for
the during and after that? Is love better than anger? Is attachment
better than putting him in a crib and setting the alarm for morning
feeding time? Is holding better than ignoring?*

Logan cried a lot, and was terribly gassy until almost 6 months.
My husband and I carried him constantly, he nursed, (and still does),
and he slept with us, (still does).
None of this stopped him from crying, neither of us were raised this
but our instincts told us to keep him close all the time.
Now we have a sweet, affectionate little boy who knows that mom and dad
are in his corner whether he is smiling and happy, or melting down and
The point is, attachment parenting has already taught him trust.
This led us to the concept of unschooling.
We want him to continue to trust and have choices, and frankly, I
don't believe sending him to school will further those goals.
I met an adult who had been unschooled about a year ago. and then I
read John Holt.
I am so grateful for this group because I do feel like we are heading
into unchartered, but exciting waters.


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