Kelly Lovejoy

What has the "mom-directed" learning looked like up until now? (don't answer---just think about it)

If it's been all about keeping her at grade level---or it's equivalent due to her limitations, then of COURSE she seems behind.

Unschooling is about seeing her Where She Is Now. She may *always* be mentally five years old. That's just fine. She will always be *with* you, so she really will never have to worry about what time it is or when Easter is or how long she has to wait to leave. She'll never need to be able to buy groceries alone---you'll always be by her side and helping. She'll never need to know to add two more place settings---just HAND her two more. Forget the reading. Buy books on tape: that way you can *all* enjoy them together!

She should never be put in the position to usher if she cannot DO it. That should be true for EVERYTHING. 

Let her do what she *can*. Help her do what she struggles with. And DO everything else *for* her.

You're setting goals way too high for her (worrying about what other children her age can/cannot do). She CAN'T do things most other children her age can do. Quit comparing.

I bet you'll see her doing *more* as soon as you stop worrying. Not *lots* more, because a lot is probably out of her ability range. But *more* is certainly a possibility.

Just accept that you will always have a five year old living with you. A five year old who cannot deal with money or time or ushering. It's OK.


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