Sandra Dodd

Sprucing up pages, I came across this:

Sandra Dodd wrote:

If our home is unsafe and unwelcoming, any guy who wants her to move
away with him might seem appealing. If our home is safe and happy,
guys will need to compete with us to make her feel loved and secure.

What an *awesome* statement!! I was raised in the safe and happy
house...and my hubby did have to compete. :-) I wasn't out looking
for someone to love me because I got total love and acceptance at
home. I had to meet someone that was worth leaving home for! And he
was/is worth it....but my parents live next door to us. So I didn't
go far. LOL My mom is even joining us at [the Live and Learn
Conference] this year.

Wendy S. in GA


It was fun to see that now that Holly does have a serious boyfriend/
relationship. You can glimpse them together here:

And here's that guy Wendy S. was willing to leave her happy home for:

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