Sandra Dodd

There's an entry on John Holt just today on
It starts off this way and moves to examples and quotes:

How Children Learn: classic of human, kid-centered learning

Earlier this year, a reader sent me copies of John Holt's classic
books on children's education, How Children Learn and How Children
Fail and tonight, I finished the first of them (and will be reading
the other next). It was one of the most profoundly moving books I've
ever read, the truest account of how I remember my best learning
experiences as a child and an adult.

Holt was a dedicated teacher and a very, very keen observer of
children from babyhood up. Most of How Children Learn takes the form
of notes from his diaries, his later reflections on his failures and
successes, and letters and feedback from other parents and educators.

Holt's basic thesis is that kids want to learn, are natural learners,
and will learn more if we recognize that and let them explore their
worlds, acting as respectful co-learners instead of bosses....

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