Ed Wendell

Our 5 year old 80 lb Siberian Huskies decided to poop upstairs once in a while for some unknown reason last summer - I contacted our trainer (gentle dog) and he said the next time one of them did it, to hold a 15 minute conference. So the next time Nakita pooped upstairs, I caught him by the collar, and while Ed cleaned up the mess, I held his collar and talked to him, telling him how we don't do that and how disappointed I was and if he was going to be a part of the family and inside ... , etc. Basically I just talked in a normal voice for 15 minutes. Where a 5 second "bad dog" scolding had not worked - this 15 minute "conference" did the trick. It was amazing to say the least. His sister hung out close during the conference and we have not had a single other "problem" in the house.

Lisa W.

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