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Hi All-

My boys have been working on this game for some time and are looking forward
to sharing it with others. It is free and they welcome any input and

Please let me apologize if you have received duplicate emails as I have sent
this to many lists and also if it was sent to a list that this would not be
welcomed on.

I am passing on their message (below).

Thank you,


Here is their message:

We welcome you to the open-beta testing of this new 2D MMORPG

(Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)


With over 200 maps to explore and many monsters to fight on diverse maps.
With a growing array of weapons and spells. And seven character classes to
choose from such as;









All with specific weapon classes and armor classes that make each character
well rounded and specifically designed for certain areas of combat, such as
ranged, magic or close quarters, to name a few.

The Elysium is a heavy blade character that specializes in defense, a great
tank when partied with other players.

The Samurai is the Elysium's opposite; it is also a heavy bladed character
but specializes in offense.

The Keyblader is a magic type that is also able to stand its own on the
field solo, or with a party casting devastating attack spells and buffs
along with its own array of healing abilities.


The Paladin unlike the Keyblader is a healing specific character also able
to hold its own in a one-on-one fight.

The Ninja is a stealth character using a spear it grants the ability to hit
enemies from a distance rather than up front, evasion and attack gives the
Ninja the edge on the field.

As for the Ranger, who cannot use a Ninja's abilities, makes up for it by
being able to hit an enemy from anywhere on the field as long as there's a
straight clear shot. Stopping an enemy before it can even reach the

The warrior is the basic well-rounded close quarter's combat character for
players who are new to these games and are looking to just have some casual

As for the other side of the game, there are rich quests with intense 2D
story-lines that drive the character to explore new worlds and areas; to
fight unthinkable creatures in hopes of finding cures for the infected and
lost cities full of wondrous things, also allowing the character to acquire
unique weapons far greater than their basic weapons, such as the Leaf Blade
and more, with some quests class specific for items only usable by that


So please come and immerse yourself in an adventure worthy of the 2D worlds,
and invite your friends to come par-take in exploring new lands and fighting
different creatures at every map and worlds edge!

--Rakiengaurd creators Seaboy & Caim.

To download the game:

1) Click on the link below (Rakiengaurd Forums)

2) Click on the "Downloads" forum

3) Scroll down to "Topics" and click on "Rakaienguard game download"

4) Click on the 1st link - a box will pop up - click "open"

5) When the download is finished, click on "Rakaienguard installer"

6) When the install is finished, open your "start" menu, click on all
programs and find the "Rakaienguard" game folder

7) Click on "Rakaienguard" - a new window should pop up that says
"Xtreme Worlds"

8) Click on "Register" and enter a user name and password

9) Log in and create your character

10) HAVE FUN!!!! J

Rakienguard Forums:

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