Sandra Dodd

I follow several unschoolers' blogs, and two I read right in a row
seemed similar enough I wanted to set them side by side:

It was really fun walking with them - this is the most relaxed I'd
felt taking them both on a walk like this by ourselves. In the past
it tended to end up where one kid was way ahead of the other, and not
usually wanting to slow down and wait. Or they'd want to go in
different directions. Or they'd both want to be carried. That kind of

Not so last night. I think part of it is my increased ability to go
with the flow and be more relaxed in general, and part of it is where
the kids are right now.

I actually did dishes and laundry and found the joy in it. I think I
enjoyed it because it was peaceful enough for me to be in deep
thought and I was almost done before I realized that I was almost done.

I really like the stories of those moments of recognition that life
is changing for the better.