We had trouble with Roblox too. Anybody with an ID they'd be willing to
share for helping us with the program and all?


On 8/27/08, laura g <lalow@...> wrote:
> Another thing they are into is Roblox. I read about it on here and the boys
> love it but were getting kind of frustrated last night cause they couldnt
> figure something out. J didnt want to give B a turn till he did. I didnt
> know either and cant do things like that without time to concentrate. Funny
> thing is I get much more frustrated than they do. My husband just takes over
> so we dare not ask him! Anyway, they finally tired and went to bed so I sat
> up for several hours last night playing the game and figuring things out.
> Now I am armed with a few answers anyway... Although not as many as you
> might think after playing that long.
> Thanks for the insights.
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