Hi all,

I'm a lurker from way back and while I was only able to squeeze in a
few years of unschooling with my youngest before she went to college,
I embrace the principles in my heart and hope my future grandkids can
one day benefit from all the fine work you do every day.

My oldest son ended up creating his own way through the college
conundrum studying art and computers. Three schools and three
different cities and various types of classes and many years later he
has recently landed at Jim Henson studios. It has been very exciting
and he's working on a new show called Sid the Science Kid.

It's all about a bunch of very multicultural kids who ask questions
all day and are encouraged to find their own answers. I hope you'll
check it out. It premieres on Sept. 1st, Labor Day.
Here's the website link for the show to play games and such:

Have fun and thank-you for your brilliant advice giving.
always learning,