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**The easiest "bookish" thing for kids is "Schoolhouse Rock," and their songs
about parts of speech.**

The Sunday Target ad this week has the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for ten bucks.
(and The Princess Bride for $7.50, but that's another subject entirely)

Deborah in IL

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Sandra Dodd

That was COOL! Some of the comments at YouTube:

ya go to school to learn stuff you dont need and be graded in stupid
ways in place underfunded cause officials take it all and so you can
be a college graduate in 2 fields from a top university, and be
unemployed after graduation, 1 year as of last week!...

millardforever (2 months ago)
It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to
believe it.
-George Carlin

mommius (9 months ago)
This is a humor piece made by Minnesota Public Radio; it's not
propaganda made by homeschoolers. I love it!

And someone wrote:
I get their point, but they do it in such a narrowminded,
oversimplistic way that its unpalatable. I plan on homeschool my boy
but I can't go to these clinics because I worry I'll have to deal
with people like this. Why can't we have honest discussion instead of
propaganda? Never trust propaganda makers-we should be teaching that

rithban (9 months ago) Show Hide
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Hmmm... I guess Johnathan Swift was "narrow-minded, overspimplistic"
and "unpalatable."
Chill out. It's called satire.


So if you follow the link Alex brought us
you come to other parodies and commentaries.

There's a good Simpsons parody of "I'm Just a Bill" and I used to
have it on my Simpsons page, but it was removed from YouTube, I
think. I don't know why it's gone from my page, but it is.

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