Jay Ford

Sometimes it helps to ask why there is an age requirement.  A few years back our town held a skateboard competition and the ages were from 9-18.  My son was 7 at the time and a huge skateboarder.  I asked at the skate shop, who was sponsoring this, and the woman who runs the store, who knew my son and his abilities, said no problem, he could skate!  He entered and won a huge trophy in the 9-10 age group and was thrilled!  She didn't know why they picked the ages; maybe they figured 7 yr olds couldn't skate well.
I'd see if there is any way around the 16-yr age limit.  But yeah, I once lied about my daughter's age (she was 11) and we were in a public pool at a campground.  All of a sudden they ordered all the kids out of the pool for an 'adult only' swim and we had just gotten in.  I told her to stick with me and not splash, which she did.  The lifeguard asked me how old she was, and I said 14, and they let her stay in. (she looked 14 at the time).
It's one thing to lie about an age to get a discount (movies, museums) which I will NOT do, but it's another when the age restriction is arbitrary.

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