Sandra Dodd

For my birthday, I asked for airfare for Kirby to come and visit, and
for Holly to go visit him afterwards.

Tonight he gets here at 6:17 to the airport, anyway. Last time he
visited, he had a checklist of eateries he had missed that he wanted
to go to. This time it's a list of friends. So I had a list of
people who might pick him up from the airport, to give him a head
start on his planned get-togethers. The first choice's dad just died
(Kirby's known the family his whole life) and she didn't feel ready
to socialize yet. The next one said yes, but called last night and
can't get off work in time, but will come over here right after work
to see him. The third one will go and take another friend he hangs
out with on Wednesdays, also a friend of Kirby's, so that's a two-for-

Those were my choices, not Kirby's, by the way. He only knows
someone will pick him up. Holly did it last time.

He'll be here until Monday early evening when he and Holly go to
Austin for his birthday on Tuesday the 29th. She'll come back
Thursday night she'll return and Kirby goes back to work Friday after
a week off. It's cool he has a job he can take time off from (I
don't know how much is paid besides his birthday). I'm glad Keith
could afford to give me such a cool gift!!

Kirby moved last August and we told him we would save his room for a
year in case he wanted to come back. He's up for a promotion and is
happy in Austin, so Holly has expanded into his room too. She had
already claimed his bathroom the week he left, and now she has put
her bed in what was his bedroom, and her bedroom might become her
computer room or storage or she's not sure what yet. That's some
luxury. She has a suite.

I offered to do the same for Marty downstairs--to give him the room
between his bedroom and the bathroom, but he's declined. It's my
office currently. There's another way to the bathroom (it has two

So we expand, and Kirby visits twice in a year.

I'm all new to this grown-offspring business. Some of you have lots
of experience. Maybe you remember being excited by a visit. <g>


Ginger and Jeff Sabo

Happy Birthday, Sandra.

What a great gift! Visits are special and incredible. I finally have been
able to work through the sadness I feel when Annie goes...but it still takes
me a few days (and the boys too). We plan on being with friends those few
days after.

It's great that Kirby has found himself a comfy place to be!

In peace and love,
Annie(18), Kai(9) and Kade(6)

LOVE has impact.

"It's not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize,
accept and celebrate those differences." - Audre Lorde

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