Crystal Miller

<<It makes me seem like a bad guy.>>

Right when I read this I thought, "That is EXACTLY how I have felt the past
year or so with our local Unschooling Tribe." A few weeks ago, I handed
over the 'complete operation' to Sylvia & Beth because I kept 'feeling' that
even though we are run as a democracy, that ultimately if people were not
'happy' with the tribe / left / whatever, that the brunt of unhappiness
turned to me in emails, etc. For me, the best choice was to 'step away'
because I knew that I had amazing woman who could take over the next phase
on our tribe's journey. I'm grateful. So anyway, I can relate with what
Sandra wrote - sometimes it's gets yucky being the so-called bad guy all the
time. Especially when as a Radical Unschooler, I am striving for peace,
kindness, and an overall joy / zest for life.

<<<It may make you feel like a bad guy but I don't think it makes you seem
like a bad guy.>>>

I differ with this thought because I experienced otherwise. Even if 99%
(insert clause of pretend statistic here) of a list, tribe, group, etc. want
something run a certain way, that still leaves the hypothetical 1% who your
possibly gonna get a nasty email from. It's tiring on the soul to be called
the ultimate bad guy and the crappiest Radical Unschooler on the earth.


*Who knows she not a bad guy but sometimes wanted to be one and send
something really nasty back. I think the best nasty email I got was one
freaky tribe!