Has anyone else seen this one yet?

I just saw a Subway sandwich commercial with kids talking about all the
choices they don't get to make in life: "when I wake up, what I wear,
what to read, and of course when I go to bed. But at Subway, I have the
power to choose and I eat it up." Smart of Subway to try to sell
empowerment and choice to kids, it's clearly valuable but limited for
most of them. Sad sandwich toppings are expected to pacify them.


Sandra Dodd

-=-Sad sandwich toppings are expected to pacify them.-=-

If that's all the choice a kid were to have, it would still be some
I remember road trips as a kid when we'd stop at a burger joint, but
my dad would order six hamburgers and six chocolate shakes and nobody
had any choice.

I LOVE hamburgers and chocolate shakes, but still it robbed of us
autonomy and power. It bought him ten minutes on the road, I guess.
And it was way better than homemade sandwiches in the car.

My kids' lives are So far from that it's hard to imagine how it must
feel (compared to me as a younger kid).


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