Sandra Dodd

I don't know whether it was on this list or maybe another one or just
on the Lyrics Game, but several of us were frustrated about not being
able to find lyrics or a source for a song. This was just posted on
The Lyrics Game:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wish":

I wish I was magic, I's magically find, a secret passage traveling
through space and time/to far away places, that i've only seen, in
story books and picture shows and in my dreams. I wish there were
forests.. blah blah blah Cause wishes are magic and wishes have wings
a sky full of wishes and the whole world sings...blah blah

The Song that Wind Whispers and Anonymous were looking for is called
I wish I was magic, by Linda Arnold. The Album is Peppermint Wings...
if you want an example of the song- I found it at
5aqkl2 I spent 5 months hard searching for it- so I hope y'all see
this posting. Cheers~ ibaphilosophizor

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