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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to spread the word about my Disney World trip this fall (Labor
Day week). Disney has finally confirmed they're offering free dining again
during the time we'll be there and we can start reserving the free dining
packages now. I'm trying to reach as many homeschoolers as possible so they
can take advantage of it before availability runs out. (They said that there
would be fewer packages this year.)

I'm located in South Carolina, but all homeschoolers are welcome to join us
on our trip. We're trying to get more older homeschoolers to join us this
year, if possible, so that we can reserve the higher level educational
programs (with more of a career and behind-the-scenes focus) in addition to
the elementary and middle school programs. We're not travel agents and don't
make a commission on rooms (as a matter of fact, all of our travelers choose
their own hotels and reserve themselves). We just want the opportunity to
enjoy more of the educational programs this year and need more older
homeschoolers to make the minimum for the programs.

Our tickets will be heavily discounted, and will include theme parks, water
parks, Disney Quest, and special educational programs. The free dining just
makes the deal even better!

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