this is it for me in a nutshell. I wish my childhood had been
different -- kinder, more abundant, less chaotic. I can't go back
and change that. What I can do that is healing for me is to give my
kids the childhood they deserve; the childhood every child deserves.

It's why I am the kind of Mom I am, why I strive to be always kinder,
more patient, more present, more loving. I want them to look back on
their childhood with joy and good memories, to know they are loved
and valuable, and always have been. Knowing what I know, and
remembering my own childhood, I can't do things the mainstream way.
I can't punish my kids, or limit their passions, or 'reward' them
only for being 'good enough.'

They are good enough every moment, even when it's not easy in that
moment to be my child's Mom. Those are the moments that call me to
be the person I want to be.


Thank You Sylvia,
This above forced me out of lurkdom and I just had to reply.This is
the most touching message for me.I would love to print your words out
and tape one copy to my refridgerator door and one copy to put under
my pillow at night to help me obsorb it.
I totally screwed up parenting my children,but I have a second chance
with my grandchildren I am helping to raise.
Thank You,