Nancy Machaj

> > My husband just said:well,ya know not developing everyday,
> > longterm friendships. He said he was in the first grade with
> > Jimmy matthews and in the 2nd grade with Jimmy Mattews.....
> > what do i say to that?

well, did he like Jimmy Matthews? What if Jimmy Matthews was a bully and had it in for your kid and your kid had to deal with him in first grade, second grade, third grade....etc. And where is Jimmy Matthews now?

I have one friend currently that I also knew in grade school. Although, we attended the same schools from k to senior year, we didnt become close until late high school and then afterwards. Her "best" friend all thru high school suddenly stopped talking to her a few years ago. My best high school friend wasnt even all that nice and we email occasionally, but I dont think either of us are interested in actually getting together in person.

When my husband says something like that, I try to find out what the underlying concern really is. Or even just saying it back to him so he knows I heard him.
So to the question above, I'd say something like..."so you are concerned he wont make friends"
and see what he says. If he kept going in that directions, I'd say, "yes, lets pay attention to that and see what happens and how we can help him meet kids. Do you have any ideas?"


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