Sandra Dodd

March was exceptionally busy on this list. We had lots of new
members, too.

Please don't post "Good idea!" or "Me too" or "Making a check list
sounds like a good idea.Think i might
give it a try. " and then append a thousand words of someone else's
writing (a whole post, or more).

This doesn't mean you can't thank anyone for anything, but if that's
the ONLY thing you have to say, don't send it to the list.

People on the list assume others will think their ideas are good and
will try the things out. So none of that needs to be written.

IF YOU HAVE TO thank someone, then write more--write how and why it's
going to be specifically helpful to you. Tell us a story. Each post
that goes to the list (except this one) should ideally help many
other people's unschooling.

The list won't always be so busy, It settles down and wells up, and
last month was an overflowing month. Don't worry if it gets quiet.
It will still be here.

Sandra the listowner