Mindy Evans

Jenny wrote:
"Go to a different store to buy groceries, go all the way across town to do it,
or another town if you live in a really really small one.

Stop along the way if something seems interesting. Take the back
roads, and stay off the freeway. You will find interesting houses,
yards, parks, views, and you can listen to music longer, or books on
tape/cd or play car games, or plain old talk. You can get lost a
little and try to find your way back to somewhere familiar and ask your
kids for help with which direction to turn."

Ahhh! (Light bulb goes on!) I never think of those things that are so obvious sometimes! My son is in that "I hate going to the store" mode and I hadn't even thought to drive to the next town to do it.....duh!
Thanks for expanding my world a bit! LOL

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