Emily Troper

Hi there,

I realized that I posted a response here, but forgot to introduce
myself - I was on this list for awhile (mainly lurking) a few years
ago, and of course have been inspired by Sandra's writings for many

I'm Emily and my husband Michael and I live in Portland, Oregon
(originally from So. CA) with our four children.
Morgan is 16, Seth is 8.5, Sara is 6.5 and Jake is 3.

Unschooling fits in well with our philosophy of parenting joyfully
and mindfully without punishments or rewards of any kind. I'm a
former preschool teacher (interned at Play Mountain Place in LA in
1991 which started me on the path of respectful parenting and
unschooling), I'm a student postpartum doula (through DONA) and a
parent educator (I co-facilitate a class called Connected Parenting
with an amazing and dear mama friend). My oldest son attended
Summerhill School briefly when he was 10, and we've dabbled in a
couple of free schools throughout the years, in the name of seeking
more community. I greatly enjoy unschooling myself, and of course I
keep finding new things to learn, new projects to try, and new ideas
to think about. Our family practices "natural family living" in that
our kids were born at home, we practice ecological breastfeeding,
babywearing, co-sleeping, etc. and we have been inspired by The
Continuum Concept. We attended LIFE is Good last April in Corvallis,
OR and had reservations for Live and Learn but didn't make it (we'll
use those plane tickets this year though!), and are looking forward
to meeting some of you in person at LIFE is Good in May...


"sleep is for the weak"

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Joanna Murphy

--- In [email protected], Emily Troper <emtroper@...> wrote:
and are looking forward
> to meeting some of you in person at LIFE is Good in May...
> Emily
>See you there!