carrie nieto

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Sandra Dodd

List business moment:

-=-Note: forwarded message attached.-=-

#1, nothing was attached. Actually that's good. (I mean it was
probably cut off by the group settings.)

#2, this is not a political list, so what was on the news isn't our
ASAP concern. Seriously.

#3, I've put the poster back on moderation.

#4, this list is for discussing unschooling and how our children
learn. It's not for just anything in the whole wide world.

#5, some people justify funneling all kinds of stuff to unschoolers
because "everything is unschooling." Making connections to
interesting things can be good for unschooling, but each of you
reading this is probably a few inches from a link you could click or
a search bar you could write "news ASAP" into and read all KINDS of
horrifying, terrible things. I assume those who are interested in
craziness in the world and the scare tactics of action groups have
already found sources for those.

The things I don't think are sufficiently about unschooling, I'm
putting here:

#6, the only thing worse for this list than "Fwd:" is "Fwd: FW: FW:
If something isn't worth cutting and pasting and writing a comment
about to explain WHY it was so important to bring to this group, then
it's not worth bringing to this group.

Sandra, the owner, who thinks there are enough posts here, not trying
to set a record, just trying to stay on the topic of natural learning
and unschooling and the parenting that promotes those

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