Sandra Dodd

"Be careful with words and thoughts on this list."

I wrote that and deleted it from another post.

I dropped that line of exploration somewhere else, but here I'm going
to go down a couple of trails.

Be careful with words and thoughts in your whole life. It's not
enough to mindfully make choices about what to do; make choices about
what to say (or write), and how, and when. Listen to the words your
subconscious is offering up for you to speak. What are you
thinking!? (Nobody needs to tell us what they're thinking, but it's
good when you're at least wondering, to yourself, what you're
thinking. <g> Especially when posting about your children in public.)

And for the purposes of this list, it's often much more valuable when
someone is NOT careful with words and thoughts and they give us
something to poke at, turn over, examine and analyze.

And so I will rephrase:

If you (the reader) don't want what you write to reveal things you
didn't intend to reveal, be careful with words on this list.

If you want help discovering how confusing thoughts are blocking your
ability to think clearly, pour it on out here and people will poke at
your words, turn them over, examine and analyze.

If you think that sounds horrible, don't post.

If you think it sounds wonderful but you don't want it done to YOUR
words, read but don't post.

If you think it's horrible and should never be done anywhere, scoot.
There are other lists.

For any purposes in your entire life, private or public, choose your
words. Don't be bullied by your own unconscious thoughts!


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