Ken Cooper

That was Improv <> Everywhere. They are very cool. If you liked that, you should check out some of their other missions <> too. I first heard about them on a This American Life episode in 2005, which itself was excellent btw.


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THis is SOOOO cool! 207 people FREEZE for one minute. GREAT reactions!


Kelly Lovejoy
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Sandra Dodd

I read my e-mail backwards and rejected a post because it just looked
like mystery-spam.
So here it is.

But please, please--cross-posts aren't the greatest use of lists.
Some people are on three or four unschooling lists and so they got
this three or four times. I'd like for AlwaysLearning to be so
special that when people post here it's because they're on the list
and thought the thing they've just written would be good for this list.

If you send a link, please put some thoughtful commentary on why it's
good for unschoolers to consider, if you can.

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They were on the Today show (or one of the other morning
shows a few weeks ago). Local groups are being formed here

And make sure you check out their latest mission at . A few agents go to starbucks
with their giant desktop computers to work...rofl. ,_._,___

-- Peace, Wendy