Sandra Dodd

I love when people list a blog or personal page in a sigline, so I
can go and look at their families and their smiles and their dogs and

For those who miss pictures in all this text-based discussion...

Here are photos of Marty taken last night, and of Holly on Wednesday
and our friend Ben on Wednesday. Ben is Marty's "squire
brother" (they're both squired to the same knight in the SCA), and a
student of mine (SCA context also). He and Holly are good friends
and we got to go to his wedding a year and a half ago in Silver City.

The one behind Marty is Holly's special friend. If you know Kirby
and it occurs to you that Brett looks kind of like Kirby somehow,
you're right. We can all see it. They have similarities of
personality and behavior too. So Holly's not looking for her dad, in
a man, it seems. Maybe she's looking for her oldest brother. (And
Brett was Kirby's friend before any of the rest of us met him too,
from the realm of table gaming, CCGs, or whatever, a few years back.)

For those who don't know Holly's photoshop proclivities, some of her
stuff is also here:

Cameras and computers have been very very good to Holly.