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HI all -
In further conversations with my daughter, we've come up with a plan for her to do what she wants NOW... instead of studying the biology for a future goal.... some conversations on this list triggered my memory of feeling like school was always preparing me for the next grade ('you'll need this in 6th grade'...'you'll need this in high school'... 'you'll need this skill in college'... etc)

So, aside from her pregnant horse, etc. she says she wants to 'make a difference' for the lives of animals... well, THAT she can do NOW without any degree or training!

So, we're going to volunteer at the animal shelter and get her hooked up as a 'dog walker' in the neighborhood (for $$ and for the care of the animals)....

This sounds much more fun! We also got her hooked up for 'structured Biology' to satisfy what is considered the typical body of knowledge that is called 'Biology' but it is secondary to her living her life now.... and she is glad to be 'preparing for options in the future' so I'll support her in that, too....

Thanks all!

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