Cameron Parham

I was very sensitive to discomfort as a child, too. I felt so sad about my mother's disbelief. What did she think I would get out of lying about it? Her disapproval and frustration with me were very uncomfortable, and only endured because the clothing discomfort was bad. It was just one more way that I displeased her by not being her clone. It has helped me with my kids, though, to take them at their word. I feel so grateful as an adult that I can arrange my life so that I am comfortable. Do you have little things that bother you, and you just quietly make them work for you, even if not everyone else would understand? That could help you see his viewpoint. Also, has he got any clothes that work? Could you let him wear them most of the time? And if not, maybe he'd shop with you to find things he could stand, either new or used,; get hie advice. I just wanted to comment really on how sad it was for me when my own mom disbelieved me. Cameron

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