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The HENA 2008 Conference- Infinite Possibilities!
Saturday and Sunday, March 1-2, 2008, 10am - 5pm
LL Building, Southwest of College and University
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
www.HENA.us– conference@...

The HENA conference is a family friendly event,
including children's activities.

Visit http://www.hena.us/conferenceSpeaker.html for ongoing
updates about speakers and panels. Input and volunteers welcome.
Contact us at conference@..., visit www.hena.us or join our
new Yahoo! Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HENAConference/

Space is limited to the first 250 families, register here:
http://www.hena.us/HENA2008ConferenceRegistrationForm.pdf for your
downloadable registration form!
http://www.hena.us/conferenceRegistration.html for online!

If you didn't attend the HENA 2007 Conference,
are you wondering what you missed?

Here are the all of the unedited actual answers to
"What did you like Best?" from HENA 2007 Conference Attendees:

The fact that you included activities for the kids. This is really
huge - I *so* appreciate that you did this. My daughter was looking
forward to the conference for months! Also the price!! Seriously,
what a *fantastic* deal! Two days of great speakers, a canvas bag,
kids activities, free parking, etc etc!

I'm just thrilled that you guys did all the work to get HENA going
& to have the conference in the first place! Since I unschool, I
was happy to have all the unschooling speakers available - Sandra
& Pam. Everyone at the registration table was very friendly & helpful.

Welcoming of kids and even a chance to put them on the college campus.

I like the classes and the vendor fair.

My daughter liked that there were lots of kids! She really enjoyed
sewing with Kt. I liked the unschooling panel and presentations.
I also really liked seeing the kids and teens. It assured me that
homeschooling/unschooling turns out some wonderful people.

Unschooling speakers

Sandra Dodd. She should have been keynote. The keynote speaker
should set the key note. The lawyer was great and I'm glad she
came and spoke, but I enjoyed Sandra a lot, or would have liked
Pam S. to be keynote.

I thought the conference was very well organized and that is so important.

Activities for kids/husbands to attend while I could go around to
meetings/vendors. Loved the talent shows and panels with older kids
so that we could see the end result.

Being with like minded people. The unschooling session with Pam and Roya.

Very doable in one weekend. Smaller conference than we have been
to in the past, not so daunting. Loved the idea of kid's activities.

I liked the location (ASU) which was close to restaurants etc..

The amount of kids activities available, in the main hallway where
we could generally keep an eye on them. That was nice.

Jessica Murphy –ASL

The organization class, and the Unit Studies class.

There was a really nice assortment of speakers.


Meeting new people (homeschoolers) & learning about vendors

We loved the ASU music student demonstration and how great they
were with the kids. There was always someone available to ask if
you had a question.

Talent Show!

It was so wonderful talking to unschoolers of older kids and know
that what I'm doing is not only working for us but actually does
work! I feel much more positive about what I'm doing (and not doing)
with my kids.

Meeting homeschooled kids and family groups- We were intrigued by
unschooling before we went-really enjoyed meeting unschooled students.

While nothing was really 'new' or innovative, I came away very
invigorated. Overall, the speakers re-affirmed many ideas that I've
latched onto.

While there were panels that we could ask advice/hear responses,
I learned more from the wee bits of testimony given by attendees
about what worked in their home. ~Honestly here, I am already
really looking forward to the conference next year! From the
attendee point of view - it was GREAT!

The activities for kids were wonderful. My kids had the BEST time.
It was so nice to be able to take the kids and have them be a part
of things.

Learning about how to keep records for graduation and college.
What universities expect from HS kids. Also, the organization was
great help. I think more about that would be great. Also, my
daughter loved the drama class and the out of africa exhibit.

What will you enjoy?
HENA 2008 Conference – Infinite Possibilities
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2340 East Glade Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204
602-692-8923 – conference@...
If you have any other suggestions or questions, please do pass
them on to conference@... at any time and this will go to all
the conference coordinators on the conference committee! We're all
volunteers, so feel free to volunteer as well! Visit www.HENA.us,
email conference@... or call 602-692-8923 for more information.

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