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Hi folks! Several people have nagged, umm, I mean, kindly suggested that I
remind people that the Early Bird deadline to register for the Northeast
Unschooling Conference over Memorial Day weekend is coming up on Friday. We also
need all scholarship applications by then.

I also wanted to let people know that we are trying to increase our block of
rooms at the Marriott. If we have to we can go to a second hotel, but it's
better to keep everyone together. The staff is trying to find out from another
block if they're planning to use the rooms. Right now there ARE rooms
available at the Marriott in our block. Reserve early if you can!

Other Announcements: The Fabulous Ben Lovejoy will by reprising his support
for unschooling dads. And the awesomest Chris Trainor will be coordinating
the conference raffle. And Friday night of the conference will be a great
Unschooling Themed Cocoa House!

Feel free to call me or email if you have any questions!

Kathryn Baptista, Conference Grand Poobah

Come to the Northeast Unschooling conference Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25
2008 in Peabody, Massachusetts _www.northeastunschoolingconference.com_

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