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The new issue of *Connections ezine* is now available for your enjoyment.

This issue features several great articles by authors Anne Ohman,
Meredith Novak, and Robyn Coburn on socialization--just in time to offer
ideas and talking points for family get-togethers over the holidays.

We also have two features covering the fall unschooling conferences
Rethinking Education in Irving, Texas, and the Live and Learn
Unschooling Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Grown
unschooler Eli Gerzon and homeschooling dad Dan Coppersmith share poetic
perspectives on unschooling and their RE experience while unschooling
mom Flo Gascon invites us into her many moments of community and
belonging at this year's 6th annual Live and Learn.

Inspiration Station showcases unschooling inspiration Sandra Dodd as she
opens up a magic window into a milestone moment with her
always-unschooled children who are now 16, 18, and 21 years of age, and
Unschooling Dads columnist Ben Lovejoy reflects on his amazing
relationship with his grown son, Cameron, in the article "Seasons of

And, of course, there's plenty more packed into the Dec/ January issue
of *Connections*, so check it out for yourself:

*Connections* is pleased to welcome several new writers on board for the
new year, and we have some exciting new features up our sleeve for
future issues as well, including a He Said/ She Said column written from
both a dad's and mom's perspective on the same topic and an interview
with Hathor the Cowgoddess. Subscribe today to get your ezine fix of
radical unschooling and mindful parenting:

Emily (10), Julia (8), Sam (7)


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