Melody Flurry

I've been lurking in the shadows for awhile, reading and learning from everyone on the list, and I'm so grateful that you are all willing and patient about repeating information over and over in regard to unschooling.

I wanted to write and ask for some advice. I have several friends and aquaintances who have asked me many questions about unschooling. They are obviously interested in a positive way and not in a "let me tell you why I disagree" kind of way. They have made comments about how they want to unschool, but "they're afraid to make the leap" (their quote, not mine). I don't know if this is because they haven't been able to deschool themselves, or if it is because many homeschoolers in our area do the school at home thing, and those people are very adamant that structured curriculums are the best way to educate your children. This attitude seems to intimidate some people and they just don't have the confidence to stand up for themselves and their own choices. I try to let them know that negative opinions of others don't bother me because I'm not trying to "educate" my children, but merely help them on their journey through learning. I would welcome any advice as to how I
can help these people become more confident about the decision to unschool. I want them to be able to end the flip-flopper cycle of trying unschooling for awhile and then panicking and returning to a curriculum approach. I'll add the fact that these people are familiar with the writings of John Holt, and I've referred them to unschooling websites such as Sandra Dodd's and Joyce Fetteroll's.

Does anyone have any suggestions about helping people to overcome their fears and uncertainties regarding unschooling? Time won't stand still while someone drags their feet, and their children will miss the wonderful opportunity of growing and learning in an unhindered and relaxed environment where their natural interests and abilities can flourish. I have thought about trying to start an unschooling group in my area in order to offer support and information to anyone who is interested, but I would welcome suggestions about this as well from those of you who are far more experienced than myself in helping people to understand how unschooling can help their families to experience a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sandra Dodd

Generally it's best to wait until someone really wants to unschool.
For those who are nearly there, though, maybe the best page would be

"If Only I'd Started Sooner..."
a collection of wishes and regrets

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