Sandra Dodd

I'm going to be on the radio tomorrow night (Tuesday) discussing
unschooling. There's no way to know in advance whether the tone and
mood will be hostile or supportive or what. I've thought through
possibilities, and I'm prepared for just about any eventuality but am
a little concerned about the idea of "fairness," so I hoped to get
help with that, and so it seemed a good first topic for a series of
topics I'd like to keep going.

By "series" I mean a random serial set. By "set" I mean some subset
of the universe, real and imagined. The topics I have picked out for
the first three are fairness, wood and bass [guitar or whatever
musical bass]. Deborah Cunefare has suggested walls, ice and felt--
all good wintery topics (with apologies to Australia and New Zealand).
(There's the topic blog.)

More radio show details are here:

It won't be available to hear afterwards, and I'm in the middle
hour. The website preserves the first hour of free-for-all call-in,
but not the middle hour where the interviews are.

Back to the topics blog, though, sometimes parents say they're at a
loss for ideas for strewing, or that they don't feel creative. This
might be an aid in that area--strewing for the parents. Some weeks
you'll probably have no interest in the topic, but sometimes it might
be a "whole unit study"! (I'm joking, but then again, a little
obsession never hurt anybody. Too much obsession, maybe so...)
Invite the kids, invite the spouse, the inlaws, and neighbors.