Hey Everyone!

There's just 2 weeks left to register for our Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering!!!

All reservations must be made by Sat., Dec. 22, to obtain our special discounted group rates!

To register, go to our FAQ database, for detailed info on how to register.

And here are few other important reminders:

1. T-shirts/ Sweatshirts - All shirt orders must be received by Dec. 28.
Remember, with each family's order, you will receive a complimentary, large zippered tote / carrying bag with our UWWG design and logo! For further info on shirts, go to post #441 at:

2. "Who's Coming" Database - Please, please complete our Who's Coming database, especially if you have already made your reservation. If your reservation included more than 1 famlily, please include each famlily's info and note this in the database. We will be providing "goodie bags" for our UWWG families and want to be sure we have one for everyone! So, if you haven't completed the database, or need to update/ correct your info., please do so now. Heres' the link to the database:

3. Funshops / activites and discussions -
If you, or a family member, is interested in leading a funshop, activity or discussion, please contact our activites coordinators Kimberly Conti: k_conti85@... or Susan Parkhurst: susanyvonne@... Please put "ACTIVITIES AND FUNSHOPS" in subject line.

4. Local Field Trips - Amy Nevills, who's been helping me coordinate our UWWG gathering, is also coordinating all the local field trips. Please go to our Poll section, and mark down your info for any field trip you and your family would like to participate. Here's the link: If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Amy at : amez1974@...

5. UWWG Kids and Teens yahoo group -
Kimberly C, teen daughter, Dominique, started a yahoo group for our kids and teens to chat and start to get to know each other before the gathering. Please let your kids know about this group. Or, feel free to help them join and participate in the chats and discussions. Or even start some discussions!

And, if anyone has any questions or suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to post it, or contact me directly at : carolfhs79@...

Happy Unschooling!
~ Carol

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