Sandra Dodd

It helps unschooling and mindful parenting to be aware of *your* kids
and *their* unique needs rather than treating them as generic kids
with all the worst possible traits.

Joyce Fetteroll
November 29, 2007


Joyce wrote that on another list this morning and I put it on my
quotes page. I've kept meaning to ask people on this list to help me
with the collecting of quotes.

I have a small collection started here:

and if anyone knows just how to make a random quotes generator or a
quote-of-the-day and database and could send me code I could use on
my site and/or on Blogspot, that would be fantastic. I've poked
around for years but it's beyond my understanding, still. (Being
ancient, I could probably write one in Basic, and .... and that would
be the end of that. <g>)

A local friend offered to make me one last December and it's nearly
this December and she's busy, so I'm begging out in public again.
(THANK YOU, all of those of you who haven't made me feel like such a

And while I'm begging, if any of you saved quotes or printed them and
stuck them on the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror or something
and you think others should have them too, please let me know.
There's a link on that quotes page, or you could respond here, or at