Sandra Dodd

I'm going to add this link to my site, and figured some of you would
be interested. it's in Beta and I found some glitchiness, but the
layout is pretty interesting and there are categories of meanings of
words. They've tied in to Wikipedia for some things (for English--
other online encyclopedias for other languages, it seems), so
unschooling and homeschooling are in there as Wikipedia has them,
which is pretty good!

It's an interactive site, so you can add suggestions and words if you

Part of a longer e-mail, from a mom of three boys in Europe:
I am working at, a translation software company, so I
particularly enjoyed your "Fun and Games with "Language Arts"
section. We just recently launched a new free online service LingoZ is an online community building the world's
largest dictionary where you may look up more than 4,500,000 terms,
vote for definitions, post comments or add your own terms,
definitions and glossaries. On LingoZ you can meet people from all
over the globe interested in translation and language. (It is
somewhat like, but less slang related.)
It's still building, so there will be other languages to come. Right
now it has German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch
and Portuguese.


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