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The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Where mathematics, handicrafts, and
environmental awareness intersect.

From today's Chicago Tribune: "A Latvian emigre teaching mathematics in
upstate New York in 1997 used crochet to produce the first physical model of a
convoluted geometric abstraction. Inspired by her, two Australian sisters living
in Los Angeles decided about two years ago to expand the model into a symbol of
their homeland, the endangered Great Barrier Reef. Galvanized by the sisters,
120 Chicago area residents began three months ago to crochet their own

chicagotribune.com/reef  has the full article and a few not very satisfying
pictures. Searching for more I ended up at
http://www.theiff.org/reef/index.html%c2%a0 The Institute for Figuring is home to the project. Reef pages include many
many very cool photos, discussion of the algorithim used to create the reef,
crocheting instructions.

The rest of the Institute's pages include many more very cool connections. 
"If mathematics is a language of pattern its structures may be seen as the
verses of a formal, yet fantastical poetics. Across the globe people have
delighted in the harmonies of this language and the patterns discovered therein. These
are the songs that figures sing amongst themselves."

Chicago's reef and parts of the larger reef project are on display at the
Chicago Cultural Center through December 13th.

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in IL

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Kelli Traaseth

***The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Where mathematics, handicrafts, and
environmental awareness intersect.***

I'm not sure this artist is part of the mathematical side of crocheted coral reefs, but if you appreciate the artwork in it you might like this blog.


I've followed her work for the last year or so and it's amazing. I've linked her coral garden.



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Ok WOW! OMG! I'm a bit speechless. I knew this deep in my soul from
doing crochet myself that there is something deeply mathmetical about
it. I don't know, it is just something that I feel when I do it. A
deep connection to the ratio, balance, and infinite of all things down
to a molecular level.

I don't even know how else to explain that, but then you go and put up
this thing about coral reefs and algorithms. I knew I wasn't odd to
feel these things about something like scraps of strings and fabric!