Can anyone share ideas on what has worked in their homes as far as having one child that is an introvert, and one that is an extrovert? We try to do some things in the evening that Sam (extrovert) wants to do, but sometimes that isn't possible. I hate labels, but it seems like this is what we are dealing with right now. Eric would be pretty happy never leaving, except to play outside. He hates going places. Although, alot of times he says he hates going, but then ends up having more fun than Sam. Maybe there is more to this question than I realize. Eric is very into WOW right now, so that is part of what is making our situation somewhat hard. He would like to play all day, and sometimes all night. I really don't have a problem with that. It is just difficult because Sam is getting frustrated and angry because he likes to go places during the day and Eric refuses alot of the time. They end up arguing, and sometimes we don't come up with a solution that they are both happy with. Many times dh or I will agree to stay home with Eric (in the evening or on weekends) because he won't go anywhere. Most of the time it works out, but there are many times when I start feeling resentful, because I would have liked to go. We do get a "babysitter" to come over sometimes, but sometimes he refuses that too. So, any ideas, or experiences to share? I need some other ways to look at this.


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> Can anyone share ideas on what has worked in their homes as far as
having one child that is an introvert, and one that is an extrovert?

What ages are your kids? Could the one that wants to stay at home do
that? It also depends on what your laws say about the ages kids
could stay at home by themselves too.

I have a younger child that often doesn't want to go, but she really
is too young to stay at home by herself. Generally we find a way to
accomodate her by finding ways for her to enjoy herself while we are
out. Right now, my older daughter's needs are more pressing. There
have been times when my younger daughter's needs to stay home were
more pressing than the need for the older one to go out and do

It's something that we talk about together and try to find solutions
together. I would truly love to have some nice kids for my younger
daughter to hang out with here and there so that my older daughter
and I could go and do things together, but so far haven't found that.

Some folks have been able to make those kind of arrangments or child
swaps to accomodate varying kids and their needs. Sometimes, it's
nice to be able to drop a kid off somewhere to do something fun and
give the other one undivided attention, or the other way around.

We know a family that does dates with their kids. Each weekend the
mom and dad trade off kids to have a date for a couple of hours with
the one kid at a time doing something with just them. We kind of do
that here. I've had to press for it with my husband. He didn't
necessarily recognize that my older daughter NEEDED my undivided
attention outside of the house. I try to do that on the weekends or
evenings and do my trade off during the weekday with my younger child
because my older child can stay at home by herself.

I have a time alloted today for my younger daughter to go and do
something with her while sister stays at home. It was part of the
deal I made with her yesterday to let me go and do something with her
older sister without being upset about it. She was cool about it
because I promised her today.

The key is to make good on the promise, or it won't ever happen again
where she is cool about it.


We are big WoW players here too.

The best idea I can come up with is offer to print out some pages
about how to maximize the armor, talent build, pets, skills or
battleground play related to his calss for him to read while you are

We sometimes "study" WoW in this way.

It can be about an unfamiliar class or one that is a main character,
but it adds a little WoW to anywhere you are <lol>.

It's sort of like how my dd brings a book or ipod to appointments so
she won't be bored waiting.