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"Here in Australia the childhood obesity rate is soaring, and children
as young
as 10 years old are developing type 2 diabetes. It all comes down to
poor diet and lack of education."


To quote the Hertz commercial:

Not exactly.

Poor *school* diets----and not being allowed to eat when hungry and
being made to eat when not hungry and being made to eat quickly and not
being allowed to eats several snacks during the day.

And too *much* education---children made to sit at desks for literally
HOURS at a time. Made to do homework at the kitchen table for HOURS
each evening. No recess. No fresh air. Little sleep. Rushed through
meals to get to all the school activities.

SCHOOL is causing childhood obesity.

Children are NOT learning when they are hungry, when they are full,
when they are tired, when they are rested, or when they are in need of

Because of *school*.


Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference

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