Sandra Dodd

I'll be gone for eight days, from home. Sometimes I'll be on the
internet, but not a whole lot. It's possible that some posts will
sit a while before being approved. Please don't post twice; just
wait. If those others with the ability to approve posts (or not to)
would check in more while I'm gone, I'd appreciate it.

Saturday I'm speaking at the MHA conference. My face is on the cover
of the schedule, so I feel special pressure to do well. <g> Then
Holly and I are going to hang out with Kelli Traaseth's family and be
tourists and houseguests.

Because I'm not going to be around much, I would really like to ask
that the conversation turn away from the defense of limiting and
controlling kids. There are hundreds of other lists where that's
discussed gleefully. I don't want this to become one of them.

The archives are linked at the bottom of every post (of those getting
html mail) and is listed below for the rest. Anyone who's
unconvinced should read archives, or Joyce's site, or mine (links to
many others are there...) (and I have new art there!)