Thanks for the comments on my last post. It helps to know what Sean
White and Tony Hawk's opinions are on passion. I certainly needed that
bit of re-enforcement and reminder of what it is I am actually helping
my kids do in this unschooling thing. But is it healthy for them to be
so absolutely bored with everything else? If they can't participate in
their sport, or watch something about it, or shop for items related to
it, they are completely at a loss, and seem unhappy. I have tried all
I can do to bring related info in, but I am feeling a bit ineffective.
People I know here that unschool with their families all have kids who
are very passionate about a few things, so it seems they always stay
pretty busy following those passions. Am I doing something wrong?

Pamela Sorooshian

On Sep 20, 2007, at 2:51 PM, dr.kelley wrote:

> I have tried all
> I can do to bring related info in, but I am feeling a bit ineffective.

Like - buy lots of videos, travel to competitions, subscribe to
magazines, go see big-name competitors speak or demonstrate. Maybe
plan a snowboard trip to another country or to Alaska or somewhere
really exciting?

My nephew (he is German, grew up in Germany), came to visit here when
he was 15. He was a serious skateboarder and, while he was here for 6
weeks, one summer, we spent a lot of time in his "skateboarding"
world. He had places he wanted to see, stores he wanted to spend
hours and hours in, browsing and "talking shop" with all the guys who
sell wheels, etc. (He spoke little English, but somehow managed to
talk to other skateboarders and improved his English a lot, that
way.) He had places he wanted to go skateboard - Venice Beach, for


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