We are in our second year of Life Learning.

I let my oldest DD, (now 7yrs), go to public kindergarten, when she
was 5yrs, in 2005. I regretted it almost every day she was there.
When her personal safety was placed in jeapordy, right in front of my
eyes, that was when my decision to keep her out of the public school
system, was locked in place.

Since our "Life Learning" journey began, it's as if our new lives
began. I feel as though it is not only my two daughters who are
learning, (7 & 2), but also I am learning/growing, right along with

I despise everything about public schooling. The
ques/failing/etc.! I want my children to have a better life! Public
schooling hinders that in every way.

Though we are registered with a Homeschool board,(we have to in our
province), I chose the "Parent Directed" program, this year. In our
first year,/06, I chose the "50% Teacher/50% Parent" program. I found
it to be more "monitored" than I first thought. Along with working
with "workbooks" and having to fax my daughters finished work to the
teacher, (small amount at each months end), my DD and I both ended up
feeling "burnt out" within a few months. Hence my choice for the 100%
Parent Directed, basically "Unschooling", as we can do whatever MY
DAUGHTER CHOOSES. That is what I want for both my DD's. "LIFE

We only just moved to our new town a few months ago, but we are
already linked up with the HS group out here. We just met a bunch of
Mom's and their kids yesterday actually, when we all went to the
local Recreation Center, which has a HS Gym time alloted, 3 days of
the week. We already know we'll be going to the gym,as well as
swimming/skating, and other events we'll be planning.But they will be
events our children want to go to/do, not OUR choices, without their

My husband was getting squirrely, regarding our
childrens "socilization" issue. It's not an issue for ME, just for
HIM. He's not 100% WITH me on the whole "Life Learning" choice, as he
thinks,(he's deluded and in denial) that HE, "didn't have any
problems in public school". Really honey? Than why were you and your
friends always taking off from class, to go DRINKING ,(we're talking
High School here),in YOUR car, (as you were one year older because of
FAILING a grade), and WHERE are all your "Freinds" now? Not a one to
be found. So your "socialization" arguement, in one that you are
having, only with YOURSELF.

I am 100% fine and having NO DOUBTS, that keeping my children out of
the PS system, is the BEST CHOICE. For them, and for me. I have to
say for me as well, because if I was the kind of woman who allowed my
husband to make our childrens education choice, I would be the one
doing all the work, while sitting at home ANXIOUS & WORRIED for my
childrens safety/protection/learning, every day!

Everyday in our house, is now an ADVENTURE! We wake up, when WE want
to, not when SOCIETY or a Public School system tells us we HAVE to.
We have our breakfast, which we take the time to enjoy, no "wolfing
it down" and running down the street to get to "class on time". (We
live just two blocks from the elementary school by the way. NO,
living two blocks from the PS, is NOT a GOOD ENOUGH REASON, to put my
children, in Public School! We also live behind a car dealership. So
you obviously bought your car from there, right? The liquor store is
right next to that car dealership. So you must be going there 5 times
a week, right? Well I DIDN'T and I WON'T!).It's about CHOICES people!

After breakfast, I ask my oldest what SHE is feeling interested in
learning about/doing today. She's a big dinosaur fan right now. And
even though my husband thinks she's "too obsessed" with the "Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles", he just bought her the new movie, (on DVD),
just yesterday. She's still learning honey!

I am an avid reader/researcher, of John Holt. As well, I think Sandra
Dodd & Joyce Fetterol,(hope I spelled that right), are the most
amazing women/Mom's. I read through both of Sandra's and Joyce's
websites, regularly. I also believe in Jan Hunts view of "Respectful
Parenting". (Currently working on being less of an "Ole Yeller".
Didn't say I was perfect).

My two DD's protection are the most important issue to me. Reason
being, is that my oldest DD's twin sister, died in my 29th week of
pregnancy, in 2000. My surviving DD, was born at 35wks, and had to
stay in the Neo-Natal unit, for the first 3 days of her life, due to
breathing issues. (She is perfectly healthy in EVERY way now!). I
then had three early miscarriages,in /02/03/04. I then gave birth to
my second DD, in Sept/05, only after taking medication for the first
3 months of my PG, so as to not lose her as well. She is perfectly
healthy as well. All thanks to GOD!

I am protective of my two DD's, because of the above reasons. My
children are my greatest gifts from God. I am honored, to be their
Mommy. I believe, that being a Mother, is what I was born to be.

I'm looking forward to reading/posting within this board!

Bless you all!