Joanne O'N.

I created a new yahoo group. Please use it as a resource and help keep it updated! :)
Thanks, Joanne O'N.

Web Address:

Title: Unschooling Circuit Riders
Have you attended a unschooling conference wishing you could go to more during the year?
Have you never had a chance to attend a conference and have heard everyone sharing how
much they loved the one that just past? Do you belong to unschooling yahoo groups but
don't have time to get on and read as much as you would like since you are busy doing other
things with your family?

Here is one place where all unschooling conferences, gatherings and events can be posted so
that those of us who would like to "ride the circuit" can easily find which ones are coming up.

If you know of an unschooling event that is not posted here, please add it to our list! :)